Visions Of Light-Art
     "Something soothing for the Soul"
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   Welcome to the colorful world of
 V I S I O N S  OF  L I G H T-A R T

Energetically Coded Healing Art
Other Forms Of Energetic Healing Modalities
(Ama Deus Shamanic, Natural Intuitive, Reiki Energy Healing)
Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop
"Something soothing for the Mind, Body & Soul"
Color & Energetically Coded Healing Art
To Ignite The Codes In The Human Body
Lift The Human Spirit
Visions Of Light-Art and Terisse Perez are here to: 
To open the hearts of individuals further, so they may develop a greater sense of self, their true self.  To assist in an overall feeling of wellness by reducing stress, pain, promote clarity and bring the mind, body & soul/spirit into balance in a most gentle and joyful way!  This will have a cascading effect to help bring about a more peaceful, harmonious peoples and society from within and produce more love and joy upon this planet Earth...Balance!
Although my various forms of energetic healing focus is primarily on women and children, to ignore the other portion, men, would be a great disservice as one portion will most indeed effect the other and would only continue to perpetuate physical and emotional pain.  My goal or intention is to assist in the healing of the Whole to produce a loving, caring and joyful society that lives in harmony with All that surrounds them.

They (the viewers of my Healing Art) will begin to feel a stirring from within to find themselves.  Finally causing an opening of their eyes and a sense of greater perception, a clearer perception of who they truly are and the capabilities they have to feel, in a much truer and open sense.  To open their hearts and feel what true and real love is.  A feeling that shall overwhelm them, bringing joyful tears to their eyes and bringing them to their knees.  And they shall stand up tall once again as they were meant to, with a strong sense of self-worth and love, to share this love with others and the world at large.
Energetic Healing (Touch Therapy): Ama Deus,   Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing,   Reiki;   Pet Energy Healing;
ENERGETIC HEALING  (Touch Therapy) (Hands on/off the body)
(Usually done in a private setting and while you're laying on a Massage Table fully clothed)
Connecting with the God or Universal Light Energy, I transmit the healing energetic properties through my hands and into your body or energy fields.
Benefits To You:
You'll feel relaxed, a reduction of stress and pain and experience further clarity over time and feeling more joyful!  These energetic healing processes will assist in bringing your mind, body & soul/spirit further into balance in a most gentle way.
I prefer to do this long distance; I'll be using Energetic Healing to assist your pet in its healing process.  Working Long Distance allows your pet to feel relaxed at home and not having to worry about what I'm doing in its personal safety zone.
Benefits To Your Pet:
You're beloved pet will feel more relaxed, a reduction of stress and pain over time and ultimately feeling more happy!  This energetic healing process will assist in bringing your loved pet's body & spirit further into balance in a most gentle way.  Owners usually tend to notice their pets behavior shift rather rapidly for the better. Just let me know what the Vet said about your pets situation/prognosis and I'll be happy to assist!
HEALING THROUGH CREATIVE ART PLAYSHOP  (Something I've Created & Developed)
Intuitive Creative Painting (Process Art) (This is Not a "How To Draw or Paint Class")
A workshop to release stress the fun way!  Basically, you paint your stress away!
Usually done sitting at a table with others & using Paper, Paint & Brush
Assists in removing creative blocks (Great for writers, artists and those that are creatively stuck).  Besides removing general stress this HTCA PlayShop is particularly helpful for those experiencing Stress/Panic Disorders & ADD/ADHD)
Benefits To You:
You'll experience feeling more relaxed, calm, balanced, joyful and open from within.  Upon leaving the HTCA PlayShop, you'll have a glowing smile upon your face, an extra bounce in your step and wanting for more!!!
DECK OF SOUL CARDS PERSONAL READING  (Something I've Created & Developed) (Not Tarot Cards)
An easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions and given in a most loving and uplifting way via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Higher Self which, I will channel for you and provide you with a printed Word Doc. via email. 
Benefits To You:
Provides greater clarity, insight and having a much better sense of direction (7 different ways to get an answer!)  
We also offer the Deck of Soul Cards  (Something I've Created & Developed) (Not Tarot Cards)
This is a "Do It Yourself" project!  ;-)  (6 different ways to get an answer)
An easy way or avenue to find solutions to your perplexing questions and given in a most loving & uplifting way via the guidance on the cards and your Soul/Higher Self, as well as helping your loved ones.
Benefits To You:
Promotes greater clarity, insight and having a much better sense of direction
PERSONAL SOUL MANDALA  (Something I've Created & Developed) (Prints are never made from these)
Benefits To You:
Your Personal Soul Mandala will contain personal energetic codes specifically meant for You.  When used, you'll experience feeling more opened from within and move forward in ways you hadn't considered before.
Using this tool, you can provide for yourself the potential to live a more full, whole and complete self-producing life!  A life containing a strong sense of self-worth, love, joy, purpose and direction.  This direction will ultimately lead to Self-Generated Freedom!

Benefits To You:
Your Book or CD Cover possibly getting noticed more and possibly producing greater sales because, it contains the energetic essence of your creation most perfectly!  People are usually drawn to the essence or the energy held within a creation; to have your creation coupled with a perfectly matching, energetically coded cover... Whoa! How perfect is that!  Who could ask for more! 
Thank you for stopping by and gracing my website with your presence!  You just may find as you browse through the pages, that one or more of the art pieces will move you somewhere inside yourself.  Whether it's an original, print poster, greeting card, textile or a wearable item, it's this piece you may benefit most from at this time in your life; for it has something for you that may assist you in moving and evolving forward with greater ease!
Let me tell you just a little about myself and Visions Of Light Healing Art...

A Little About Me

My name is Terisse Perez and I'm an Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner, Soul Worker and Sacred Visionary Artist who pours her heart and soul into her work. Whether the Universal Light Life Force Healing Energies are transmitted towards my art pieces or an individual the end results are the same, assisting individuals to heal themselves.

I've been drawing since a child and have had no formal training with this particular talent, I (well to put it simply) came in with it and my other abilities.  There were one or two talents or abilities that I did train for (Ama Deus (Certified) & Reiki-Usui System (2nd Level Attuned); the rest came naturally.

I have allowed myself to become a vehicle for the Universal Light Life Force (God/Goddess, All That Is) in transmitting healing energies or properties into individuals since 1994 and my soulful healing art expressions since 1995.  Visions Of Light Healing Art is a part of who I am, interwoven; myself expressed.  I created Visions Of Light-Art shortly after I began drawing and creating my Channeled Sacred Visionary Healing Artwork and began my Natural Intuitive Healing in 1995.  Things just progressed, developed and expanded from that point forward; creating a website was just the natural thing to do, in order to assist others globally in their healing processes.  I continue to play with energy with love and joy and say, for myself, it is the best way to live and experience life!

I live in Germantown, MD and do most of my healing work from home.  I am the sole proprietor of Visions Of Light-Art...I'm the only staff here! (smiles).  If you choose to order anything from my site, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery; I can usually get it to you before then but, just in case there's delay I allow myself extra time (tee-hee).  Thanks!  If you'd like to view my spiritual resume so to speak, just click this link "Artist Bio/Healing Practice" or use the left sidebar.
About Items Carrying My Artwork
All items carrying my color & energetically coded artwork, will indeed carry the original artworks vibration (even after washing!).  The wearer may experience little niceties or a sense of calmness and/or openness in their life while viewing or wearing the item and more than likely, so will others.  How kewl is that!...Nice!
How I Conduct Business
Now back to the business end of things, along with conducting business in a proficient manner, I insure that all queries via the internet or phone are answered in a swift and courteous manner and I usually have all orders met in timely fashion.  I feel blessed to have had and continue to have the wonderful opportunity to interact with people like yourself and individuals from all walks of life.  I find it interesting, fulfilling and all so exciting!  I'm love'n it!
Again, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing and working with you!  Namaste
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All Artwork Copyrighted © 2014 All artwork and products produced from artwork must have expressed permission for its use from Artist - Terisse Perez. All rights reserved. Deck of Soul Cards & Deck of Soul Cards Personal Readings and anything else on this website is Copyrighted © 2014 and must have expressed permission for its use from Creator/Author Terisse Perez. All rights reserved.